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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

“United we stand, divided we fall.” Has anyone considered that the propaganda and promotion of division is on purpose? 

In this article called – The Illusion is Gone, it states that, “If 2020 is going to be a year of division and polarization. The question is: will this also be the year we start writing a counter-story?

Not to pretend everything is fine. And not to symbolically tear each other apart. But to listen to each other. Learn from each other. And pursue peace through relationship and action.”

I usually don’t comment on things like this, but as the article says, staying silent, refuse to engage, declare that politics really isn’t our thing—, isn’t really working.  We need to show up.  This year is the year of radiance for me, that’s showing up and shining so I’m going to be the “tall poppy” and be more vocal about my viewpoints in hopes that I can do my small part of writing that counter story.

It’s been disappointing to see how people seem to no longer be able to agree to disagree and still maintain a friendship and respect for each other’s viewpoints. Between Politics and the Super Bowl Halftime Show I’ve seen so many posts saying “Unfriend me if you disagree!” How sad that we’ve come to this place where people feel like if you don’t agree with them, that you’re against them.

What else is possible here? Can we seek first to understand before condemning someone, dehumanizing them and then discarding them as unimportant just because their views are different?

A lesson in coming together:  In 2011 I participated in a Leadership experience called “Heart of the Samurai” in San Diego, California.   During this 6 day leadership workshop, our group of 67 people were challenged to come together to raise the funds and gather the material to be able to build 8 homes that would be donated to families in need in Mexico.  We were given only 8 hours to make this happen. 

It is an experience that will stay with me forever because 67 people split into different groups, a fundraising group, a materials group and a couple other groups that I can’t remember and we MADE IT HAPPEN!  I chose to be on the fundraising group because I wanted to push my edges and I knew that I had a hard time asking people for money.  It was uncomfortable at first but after getting several no answers and nos, I got a YES from an acquaintance friend of mine that pledged $300.  I was in awe and it showed me that I never know who will say Yes, but it’s the power of the ASK. 

If you don’t ASK, the answer is always No.

At the end of the day we raised over $80,000 for the project.  The next day we all came together and BUILT those homes that we had raised money for and gathered the materials for.  There were young and old, that that were strong and those that were weak, many different ethnicities and probably lots of different values and viewpoints among our group.  TOGETHER we raised the money, gathered the materials and BUILT those homes in less than 48 hours.

So think gain about United we Stand, Divided we Fall, what would have happened if we would have divided our groups up by our political, religious or other beliefs?  Do you think we would have gotten anything accomplished?   We had a challenge to do and we came TOGETHER and got it done, in spite of our differences and created an experience that will stay with me for years.

Division creates less.  Where are you choosing division in your life and business?  Is there someone that you could be working with that would contribute to your business but you haven’t asked them because they may have different viewpoints than you?  What could happen if you United and collaborated to generate more and create a Win/Win for each other to create more profit and success? 

Remember – United we Stand – Divided we Fall.  What are you choosing?

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