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If you could sum up 2019 in one word, what word would you choose?

Now…if you could choose the word that you want to describe 2019, which would you choose?

In addition to setting annual targets, I’ve long chosen a “word” or theme to define my year. Many of my clients now do this as well and find it to be one of the most centering and proactive success measures they’ve engaged, and I work with high achievers, so that says a lot!

You can select your annual theme with two simple questions:

Next year at this time, as I reflect back, what word do I most want to describe my year?


Next year at this time, what word do I most want to describe me?

In 2018, I did a lot of soul searching. I had a transformational year, with many wonderful high points, but I also had some major life events that threw me for a loop. As a result, I didn’t put myself out there too much. I gave myself space, learned to be kind to myself and allowed myself to be in a season of transformation and learned to embody the lesson that “This too, shall pass.”

You can hear me discussing my 2018 recap with my podcast co-host Nikole in this Episode 021 of the Time 2 Fly Podcast

So as I was considering possible themes for 2019, one thought kept coming up. I wanted to embrace life more, the beautiful parts and even the not-so-fun parts that help me shift and grow.

I wanted to connect with people from whom I had disconnected and meet new amazing people that would inspire me and create more “Relationship Capital” because to me, my relationships are invaluable.

I wanted to leave 2018 behind and walk forward in faith. I wanted to trust. So that’s been my theme for 2019: TRUST.

My theme has played out in a number of incredible ways in 2019, from co-hosting my first successful event to attending a slew of networking and conference events filled with inspiring and interesting people.

It’s had me saying “Yes” more, especially in areas where my default could have been “No.” It’s even prompted me to say YES to an opportunity that came up unexpectedly to cross an item off my LIVE List, to travel to Italy in July/August of 2019. If I hadn’t chosen to TRUST that everything would work out, I probably would have denied myself that amazing experience.

Cortona, Italy

My annual theme has once again, in a nutshell, changed my life.

So I pose these questions to you again:

Next year at this time, as you reflect back, what word do you most want to describe your year?


Next year at this time, what word do you most want to describe you?

Choose a word or phrase as your 2020 theme – not a “should” or a ho-hum word, but one that excites, exhilarates, and energizes you. A word ripe with possibility. Write it in your journal or planner, use it in your passwords, plaster it on your bathroom mirror – whatever you need to do to keep it present.

Then create and watch for opportunities throughout the year to fully engage in your theme. Next year at this time, you’ll be amazed at how your theme has played out in your work and life!

My word/theme for 2020 is Radiance! Shining Brightly and putting myself out there to be seen through more events and speaking engagements as well as experiencing more Radiance in my Life! You can hear me discuss more about 2019 and my word for 2020 here: Episode 053

What’s your theme? Please share in the comments below, on Facebook, or via Twitter!

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