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Jill Fleming attended the Sister’s Soaring Women’s Conference in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month.  It’s Thanksgiving time here in the US and the ladies were in the Spirit of Giving by sharing some nuggets of wisdom for our listeners.

Jill interviewed five of the amazing attendees/speakers including:


Cheryl Barker from Reno, NV


Massage and Professional Development Instructor + Energy & Sound Healer

To Contact Cheryl, please Email her at:


Mia-Michelle Henry from Peoria, IL

Founder of Growing Steps Childcare & Learning Center – Tucson, AZ


Rosemary Cunningham from Essex, England



Kathleen Carlson from Phoenix, AZ

Connie Queen from Phoenix, AZ

Straight Up Success Academy

Upcoming Event – Vision Board Workshop – December 8, 2019


Host – Jill Fleming – “The Wing Woman to Service Based Business Owners,” Best Selling Author & Founder of JFI Strategy + Solutions – Connecting the Dots to Your Success.

Sponsored by: Jill Fleming’s Best Selling Book – Freedom to Fly: The Visionary Leader’s Guide to Unlocking Your Unique Freedom Code to Confidently Create More Impact, Influence & Income – Get Your Copy today at

Music courtesy of Daniel Hoshor –

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