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Hi ~ I'm Jill

I work with purpose-driven professionals and leadership teams to create aligned, results-driven growth strategies. I'm your "Wing Woman" as we fly together to build aligned strategies that create increased profits.
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About Jill

Jill Fleming is a sought after speaker, best selling author, and trusted advisor.
While living on a cattle ranch in a tiny town somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska, Jill didn’t have the luxury of calling for help when something didn’t work. Instead, she learned to tap into her intuition so she could rapidly create solutions and get right back to business.
That explains why she has such a keen eye for seeing things from a different perspective and is especially gifted at helping her clients uncover the next best steps to take in order to create their lives at their highest potential.
As an intuitive business strategist and facilitator of freedom, Jill guides purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals through the process of clarifying their vision and creating step-by-step fulfillment plans so they can live an aligned and prosperous life, starting now.

Jill is an outstanding strategist & problem solver

I have worked with Jill as a Business Strategist and Coach. Jill has been an invaluable advisor to me. I will continue to point to her for authentic insight and reliable advice. I thank her for being an outstanding strategist, problem solver & coach. Consider yourself fortunate, if you have the opportunity to work with her!
Desmund Adams
Professional Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

I’m amazed at we’ve been able to accomplish so quickly!

I feel like I’ve gained so much more than I was really expecting from our coaching sessions. Not that I had low expectations from Jill as a coach, but it was more about my own confidence. I was serious about the goals we set at the beginning, and I was pretty skeptical that I’d achieve them. I’m amazed we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!
Malia Campbell

Sold the highest packages I’ve ever booked!

Jill did an outstanding job for me with her business coaching. We were in the process of revising my price sheet for wedding videography when I had a bride inquire about my services. Not wanting to send her the “in progress” price sheet or “old” price sheet, I emailed Jill and asked her to give some last minute feedback. Five minutes later, Jill called me with her feedback. That same day I sent out my price sheet and the bride chose the highest packages I’ve ever booked. Jill’s prompt response and expert advice on this issue alone essentially paid for the entire coaching program.
Eric Scrivner

Work With Me

Are you feeling Frustrated or Unfulfilled and aren’t quite sure what you want or how to change it?

I’m here to help you get Clarity for you. What’s the next best step for you? I help you clear out the muck and see clearly what short-term and long-term steps work for you.

I’m like your personal clarity microscope and a telescope all in one person. I’m a perfect blend between a coach who empowers you to tap into your own truth and act on it, an intuitive strategist that helps you to map out your own vision and put it into a step-by-step plan, and an accountability partner that supports you in the way that best serves YOU.

I’ll be your personal “Wing Woman” to help you figure it out and assist you to transform your gifts and knowledge into profit and your challenges into possibilities.

And let’s face it – when the reward is that you get to live your best life and be happy, you like a little challenge, don’t you?

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